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Matt Long

My daily radio program, The Matt Long Show, is all about citizen engagement. I am a Christian Constitutional Conservative Texan and am fully engaged at the local and state level. There are plenty of “radio talkers” covering national subjects and I hope you are listening. My program is ALL Texas and Local.

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Matt Long

My personal goal is to engage just ONE MORE CITIZEN!

Self-Governance is a phrase we all may have heard but do not fully understand. Our form of government was designed to be operated by CITIZENS. I strive to bring you information that not only educates but activates. For too long, we have been The Silent Majority. We are still the Majority but no longer silent.

I will make you uncomfortable! I hope that this motivates you to come out of the shadows, off the couches and into the halls of government. School boards, City Councils, County Commissioners and The Texas State Legislature ALL need to hear your voice and see your face!

It is time to un-mute your voice. It is time for the majority to behave AS IF they were the majority!

I hope that by listening to The Matt Long Show you will be encouraged and activated!

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Matt’s focus on timely topics of the day is a welcome part of my morning! 

– Engaged Listener

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